Package org.dtools.ini

This package provides support for programmers to create, read and write INI files in Java.


Interface Summary
Commentable This interface states the methods for getting, setting and removing comments to and from an object.

Class Summary
AdvancedIniFile This implementation of the IniFile interface offers faster performance compared with the BasicIniFile implementation, but at the expense of greater memory usage.
AdvancedIniSection This implementation of the IniSection interface offers faster performance compared with the BasicIniSection implementation, but at the expense of greater memory usage.
BasicIniFile A basic\simple implementation of the IniFile interface.
BasicIniSection A basic\simple implementation of the IniSection interface.
IniFile An IniFile is an abstract class which defines the public and protected methods of an IniFile implementation.
IniFileReader This class provides users an easy way to read INI files from the hard disk and parse them to an IniFile object.
IniFileWriter The IniFileWriter class is a simple class which allows the user to write an IniFile object to the hard disk.
IniItem The IniItem class represents the simplest element of an INI file, an item, which has only two important properties, a name and a value.
IniSection An IniSection represents a section within a configuration file (aka INI file).
IniUtilities This class provides static methods to perform simple operations on IniFiles, IniSections or IniItems.
IniValidator An IniValidator provides IniFiles, IniSections, and IniItems a way of validating a name for an IniSection or IniItem which is performed by the methods:

Exception Summary
FormatException The FormatException class is an exception which is thrown by the class IniFileReader whenever it reads an INI file from the hard disk that is not in the correct format of an INI file.
InvalidNameException The InvalidNameException is a RuntimeException which is thrown if a user tries to add an IniSection to an IniFile and the IniSection's name is not considered valid by the IniFile.

Package org.dtools.ini Description

This package provides support for programmers to create, read and write INI files in Java. INI files, also called property or configuration files, are text files that store settings or data for applications.

INI files, contain 1 or more items, which is a line or text consisting of a name, followed by an equals symbol, followed by a value. For example:

username = Smith

Items in an INI file can also be grouped together into sections. This provides some organisation to the INI file, and also means that more than one item can have the same name. The latter is allowed as item need to only have a unique name within a section, not the entire INI file.

Comments are also allowed in an INI file, and are marked by a semi-colon symbol. There is no need to place a "close comment" symbol after the comment, as INI files only support end line comments, which begin after the semi-colon symbol, and continue to the end of the line.

The following is an example of the contents of an INI file storing an application's last used settings:

 x = 20
 y = 87
 width = 800
 height = 600
 last_file = C:\temp\collection.7z
 date_last = 06/10/2008    ; the date the application was last used
 total_usage = 241         ; the number of times the application has been used
 date_installed = 21/04/2008

David Lewis