Welcome to the home of dTool's Java INI Package, where you can download the latest jar package, read tutorials on how to use the the package, as well as read the official javadoc.


  • 08th of March, 2009

    Version 1.1.0 has just been released, and introduces iteration capabilities to IniFile and IniSection objects.

    This version also fixes bugs in reading case-sesitive INI files (thank you Sagi Sefer for spotting this).

    8th of January, 2009

    After more than 6 months since the last release (due to other comitments), version 1.0.0 of Java INI Package has been released. This release makes the stable version of Java INI Package and locks the API for all future v1.*.* releases.

    Notable changes in this release are the merging of the interfaces for IniFile, IniSection and IniItem with their abstract\concrete classes. This allows for IniFile, IniSection and IniItem to finally implement other interfaces. Also new in this release is the implementation of cloning for the three above classes, and the addition of addition of a setValue(boolean) method for IniItem class.

  • 19th of September, 2008

    There has been no updates for Java INI Package as I have been working hard on the stable release (v1.0.00). The version will simplify the package by merging the interfaces with their corresponding abstract classes, thus providing a superclass for IniItem, IniSection and IniFile.

    As there are now superclasses, this also means that I can finally implement other interfaces into the classes, such as Cloneable interface (due in v1.0.xx), and the Iterable interface (due in v1.1.xx).

  • 26th of June, 2008

    Java INI Package v0.3.01 has been released. This verison fixes bugs in BasicIniItem's and AbstractIniFile's equals(Object) method. This release also updates the javadoc for a few methods as well as implement the hascCode() method for IniValidator.

  • 13th of June, 2008

    Java INI Package v0.3.0 has been released. Methods IniFile.removeSection(IniSection) and IniSection.removeItem(IniItem) now return a boolean value. Also, method IniFileWriter.write() now correctly declares that it throws an IOException (previously if an exception occurred the method would not do anything. The IniFile.equals(Object) method is now implemented.

    Finally, three new boolean options have been added to IniFileWriter class:

    • sectionLineSeperator - if true, sections headers (names) are preceeded and followed by an empty line.
    • itemLineSeperator - if true, items are preceeded and followed by an empty line.
    • includeSpaces - if true, the equals character between item names and their values is preceeded and followed by a space character.